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  • C. J. Korryn

The Christian And Cussing In Secular Writing.

There are a lot of views on cussing - they are just words, it is bad to cuss, its only bad if you mean harm by it, and on and on. This is one of those gray areas for a lot of people, me included. At the risk of allowing you to rake me over the coals (but please don't do that until I finish explaining myself), I will tell you that I don't think there is really anything wrong with using "cuss words", after all they are simply words. Now with that said, there is a bit more to it than that. Personally, in writing (and speaking as well) I try to refrain from using cusswords. But here is the deal-many people use the scripture about not cursing, however from my understanding, that passage is not referring to cussing, but speaking curses on people. Now often cuss words are used as a means of speaking curses over others. For me it is not a scriptural issue weather or not I can cuss (right now I am talking in speaking, not writing), but it is more of a heart issue. Words are simply words-it is only when we give them power that they become more. Now these powerful words can be words like ugly, retard, stupid, and so on. I look at it this way, if I call someone a jerk (which can be considered a euphemism for a few other words) out of anger, it is no different than me using a cuss word because both are meant as hurtful to the individual I am speaking to.

So, although I consider cuss words just like any other word - and I will be honest with you, sometimes things are just better said, or funnier, or more impactful using these cuss words - I still think we Christians should not use them in writing secular fiction. Why? If they are just words, then why not? Well, Ill give you a few reasons.

#1. Even if we don't think there is anything wrong with these words, we should always refrain from speaking (or doing) that which offends or "makes a brother stumble" Paul talks about this issue with eating meat to idols. Some thought it bad and others did not. Paul says not to eat meat if it will cause another to stumble in that aspect of their faith. Personally, I always try to respect this issue when coming to cussing. I mean, nobody would enter (well hopefully nobody) a daycare and start shouting all these words just to do it, or speaking words reserved for the intimate parts of the human anatomy. Why? Because, although there may be some parents who wouldn't care, there are many parents who don't want their 4 year old to hear such talk. It should be the same in all situations.

#2. The "world" has deemed them powerful and "bad". This should be significant. If a world that often glorifies sin and vilifies righteousness believes these words to hold more power and be "bad" words, then we should refrain from using them as much we can-at least in public. I'll be honest...I sometimes use these words when I shouldn't.....say when I keep dying in a video game and I get so crazy mad that I start yelling....well....that is bad...why? Because I said it out of anger and thus probably sinful (some reading this might say ALWAYS sinful). So, we definitely should keep from penning words that the world views as "bad words" as writers of the faith, even in the secular world.

#3. This one is really straight forward and obvious, not to mention short. We shouldn't pen cuss words as authors - in my opinion - because we may one day regret penning them, and feel it is a hindrance to our testimony or the such.

So, this may be the most controversial post I have written yet, and I welcome your feedback, but please remember -- be respectful.

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