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  • C. J. Korryn

God....Help Me Help You.

Okay, I get that God really doesn’t need my help…after all…He is GOD. But here’s what I believe. God DOES want us to help him and by “help” I mean he allows us to accomplish His plan in our way…as long as it is following his path. An example might be a father building something in his garage, and his son asks if he needs help building it. Or a mother cooking for the family and her daughter asks if she needs help cooking the meal. Of course, neither really need help. They can do it just fine by themselves, but because their child asked to “help” the parent allows the child to do some of the work.

So, not a great example, but I think you get the picture. God wants us to help Him accomplish His tasks. He wants to work with us and have that relationship with us…. but…we digress from what I really want to write about today.

The picture I have with this blog says it all…though it probably needs some interpreting. The wad of cash doesn’t really have all that much to do with becoming rich, but more of ministering to people. The problem I have is that I have very little money to minister with…at least in the ways that I REALLY want to minister.

I have thought for years that I want to become rich, not so I can have a big fancy house (though I might splurge a bit and design a really cool…and expensive house) and not so I can have all of the newest and coolest big boy toys. I want to become rich, so I can spend it all…well, most of it. Of course, I will want to pay off all my bills quickly and want to invest in something for retirement. I don’t know, the stock market and definitely put something away for retirement.

Anyway, I want to be rich so I can pay for a dozen youth to go to youth camp, so I can pay for fifty kids to go to kid’s camp. I want to be rich so I can donate thousands of dollars to Kid’s kids - a charity by kid nation radio show that pays for terminally ill children and their families to spend a week at Disney world and feel like a “normal” family. I want to be rich so I can send a thousand dollars a month to a hundred missionaries around the world. I want to be rich so I can randomly leave envelopes filled with 50s, 20s, or 100s in Walmart or pay for the meals of all the patrons at a restaurant just to do it!


But, I just can’t. I don’t have the money.

So how does this fit my tittle? Well. I want to help God. Most of these I have mentioned have a direct impact on the spiritual impact of people, and the others have an indirect impact. We are not called to save people, merely to minister to people. If we can spread love in this hate-filled world, even the hardest of men and angriest of women can see what true love is by just getting a random blessing from a stranger. Who knows, maybe if I decided to reveal that it was me blessing them, then I could talk to them about Christ and why I give my money away.

Yes, I want a nice house and a nice car…well…I already have that…my Jeep. Yes, I want to have a lot of nice things. I want a good t.v. and a big house. The main reason I want a big house is to have people over to the house. I want my place to be the house where my church peeps come to have a good time, for whatever occasion.

I definitely want a nice, fancy house…and I have some expensive ideas on what I want that house to look like and have in it. Maybe that will be a good future post. I can tell you it will be a pretty nerdy and cool house all in one!!!

Anyway. I want God to bless my fiction writing so I can make a large monthly income so I can bless others. I want God to help me (by making me rich) help him (by blessing others extravagantly).

Will this ever happen? Probably not in the way that I think it should or want it to. Maybe God knows that I won’t REALLY do all of this. Maybe He understands that I’m not ready for richness yet or I never will be ready for richness. Who knows? What I do know right now is that I pretty much don’t make a lot of money so its what I am used to. In fact, before I left working for the Dallas school district, I felt like I $3,000.00 a month was a lot of money. I could live easily on that amount right now with no worries. I don’t make near that much right now. Bummer.

Anywhoo. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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