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  • C. J. Korryn

We Are Friends...No...We Are Enemies...No...Friends...No... Enemies....Wait....I Don't Know What

So, this post might sound more like a political post than anything else, I think, but it is not my intention to have a political post. It’s just that the much of what this post is about has a big face in the political realm. It is less about politics and more about what media wants us to believe and the fallacy in the media narrative of the United States.

So, the political realm tells us that democrats and republicans cannot coexist or that they cannot get along in any way. We see this all the time on the videos from the media – which I will say is one-sided. I have noticed that the media ignores those narratives that don’t support their agenda and create false narratives to promote their agenda. I don’t think I need to go into specifics, but I say that to say this - the media and certain political groups want the American people to believe certain things and they push this idea in any way that they can to manipulate and brainwash their followers.

A few examples of what narratives these groups want us to believe is that there is such extreme racism between whites and blacks (mostly racist whites against blacks). The LGTBQ community and Christians are mortal enemies and must hate each other. Of course, there is that democrats and republicans cannot be friends. Then there is the Muslim/Christian hate and the hate between different religious groups.

Yes, these are all legitimate issues that the human race will always have to deal with, but it seems to me that these issues are not as common as the media would like us to believe. I have never really had any issues with anyone who did not believe the same with me and I have lived much of my adult life enjoying fellowship with men and women of many different ideologies, from atheists to Mormons, homosexuals to Muslims, from new earth creationists to old earth evolutionists, youth gangs to legalistic Christianity. I have never seen such hate as the media portrays these days. That’s just me though, I am not ignorant enough to believe that such hate is nonexistent, only ignorant enough to believe that it really isn’t as regular as media tries to imply.

Okay….so…. that is the extent of the political comments.

Now Let me tell you about some personal experience with a few of the above scenarios I mentioned.

I have a friend in Abilene who is a bisexual atheist and has dabbled in Satanism. Now, it seems that just by this description, we should not have gotten along. We were pretty good friends, however. We would often sit and just hang out, talking about religion, faith, Christianity, sexual preference, etc. Never once did we actually have a fight. In fact, we often discussed our complete opposite beliefs, never once feeling like we were being attacked. She knew that I viewed her lifestyle as sin, but she also knew that I (like all Christians) who disagree with the lifestyle, had my own sins and I did not condemn her for her choices. We talked about being born gay vs. being gay as a choice. It was great educational discussions for both of us. Many times, we just had fun hanging out with each other.

Another friend I had when I was in the military was a self-proclaiming atheist, though he grew up Mormon until his dad moved and the “in religion” was Christianity. If I remember right, that is what he told me. That was when he decided to be an atheist because his dad showed him religion is all about whatever is popular in the community. He hated religion and often commented about his views of religion, but I have to say for most of my years in the military we were stationed together, and I considered him my best friend. When we were deployed on our days off, we hung out 24/7 playing video games, and on occasion, we discussed religion, evolution, faith, etc. We never once had any animosity toward each other. We simply understood that we both believed different things.

Yet another military friend was a Wiccan. Before I go on, I want to explain what Wiccans are because there is a lot of misconceptions about their religion…. Wiccans are not necessarily witches. From my understanding, Wiccans are more of nature lovers. At least some of them. Now, I am sure that in some circles Wiccans do practice witchcraft, and I know that many do, but that is not the Wiccan group that this particular person was involved in. She described herself once as a tree hugger. She would talk to rocks and the such.

She was another great friend who was also stationed with me for a while. In fact, she and her Wiccan husband came and hung out with my wife and I at the time (I was married when I was in the Air Force). Christians and Wiccans hanging out together!!!!! What???

I remember one day during deployment she had a vehicle accident and long story short; I was able to preach Jesus to her and she told me that she actually listened to what I said because she knew that I knew what I was talking about. That is another blog, though.

This is only the tip of the iceberg on the number of people who the media say I should be enemies with, but I have befriended. What I am saying is that we Christians don’t have to be enemies with anyone….in fact…. if we truly follow the teachings of Christ…. we are to love even those who would be our enemies. They might turn out to be pretty cool people.

I’ll leave you with this thought. One of the fundamental belief structures of Christianity is to love, not hate. I mean, just look at Jesus. If anyone had the right to hate anyone, it was Him, yet he loved those and ministered to those who he should have annihilated.

Think about this, if Hitler were to meet you, you should love him. If the murderer of your loved one came to ask forgiveness, you should forgive him. If a child molester lives in our neighborhoods, we are to love them. If the leader (or any member) of a terrorist group and mass murderer asks for sugar, we should give them sugar and love them.

A hard truth to think about, but one that changes the world. It did with Christ. We should try changing the world with love…. a love revolution if you will.

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