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  • C. J. Korryn

I Hate Christians!

Okay, so you might have been wondering what this post is about, especially if you know that I am a believer. How can I hate Christians and be one?!

First, let me put a little disclaimer…this post is going to generalize Christians to the extreme, and I realize that many of us believers won’t really fall into this category, however, there will be many, many Christians who will. With that being said, this post is pretty much going to be a Christian bashing post and so…if you are easily offended go ahead and stop reading now, and if you are a Christian who might not get easily offended, this post still might offend you. I am going to be brutally honest about my feelings toward those brothers and sisters of mine who claim the name of Jesus…and it will not be pretty. It won’t be nice; in fact, it will probably be downright mean…. but I’ll try and be tactful and be mean in the nicest possible way.

By the way…I actually used to be the very kind of Christian which I say I “hate” in this post, but let me clarify. I don’t actually hate them as people, just what they do! I look back on my younger years as a believer and see how judgmental and hypocritical I was. How I was ignorant of the Love of Christ and how that love is for EVERYONE…. dare I say…. even Hitler.

Now…here….it…is….oh..and…it’s going to be a long one!

I think some Christians or Christian groups can be the worst kind of people in the world…excluding, you know, serial killers, and terrorists or the such, but that is kind of a given. Now, I am not specifically talking about just those sects of so-called believers who speak hate speech on a regular bases such as the “Baptist church” that pickets the funerals of fallen heroes who have died in battle defending the freedoms of our nation and fighting for the freedoms for all peoples of the world, or that African American group who claimed to be Christians who harassed the white kids on a school field trip. You know the group I’m talking about. The media had a field day spinning lies and hate with it. I highly doubt the sincerity of their salvation and lordship of Christ.

Now, before you go and say that I am a terrible person for judging them, it is actually a biblical principle to judge other believers. Scripture repeatedly tells us to observe the fruit of our brothers and sisters and confront each other on our sins and the such. Now, you are correct in the fact that we as believers are never to judge the fruit of those who never claim the name of Christ. I’m no scholar, so I’m not going to give specific scriptures to back up these points…plus…I’m too lazy to look them up. You can search the scriptures for yourself if you really want to see if what I am saying is biblical. I hope you do.

So, this whole idea for this post came about when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that stupid petition that I am sure you have seen about getting rid of Good Omens. I won’t say that it infuriated me or even really angered me because I am so used to Christians being fools that it is just what we are, fools! I don’t really even know if it is real or not, but I’m willing to bet it is. Not only did this petition reinforce the extreme judgementalism, hypocracyism, and dare I say….snowflakism…. yes, I said Christians are snowflakes…and I did “ism” all three words just to do it!

I skimmed over the post and of course, the first thing I noticed, which was a big point in the article, was that the petitioners had the completely wrong streaming service that aired the show. Need I say how stupid that makes us Christians look!!! No wonder everybody thinks we are morons.

Now, Let's overlook how stupid this made ALL Christians look because when one person does something that is part of a group, they represent everybody in that group. Think of a food business that you have gone to that had bad service, (now I’m thinking just fast food, but it applies to restaurants as well) when you get cold fries or the workers are rude or the food makes you sick, the chances that you will return to any of the let’s say…McDonald's ever is probably pretty high, although it was just that one McDonalds that you had the bad experience. It is just human nature.

We are all stupid now, because of this one event, but let’s move past this. Let’s talk about how the judgmental attitude and hypocrisy of this one experience. Now in the post the author mentions a couple other shows that…let’s just say…could be well deserved of a similar petition…. that had much of the same ideas about God and the Christian faith. The problem isn’t with God and the Christian faith. It is with the Christians. What does it look like to the rest of the world? Who, by the way……. have completely opposite world view of us and actually don’t care about morality and the such the way true believers do…when we want to censor something because we disagree with it!!! Can we get angry if those other people want to censor Christian themed shows, movies, and books if we try and censor things we disagree with?

How ignorant is that? Why are we Christians okay with some types of morality and not okay with others? Why were those other shows not petitioned? Why do we feel that we have to be the proverbial watchtower for those who aren’t even in the proverbial walls of our own preverbal nation? I hope you get my point with my overuse of “proverbial.” It is not the Christian’s job to censor immorality. It is God’s job. So why do we feel it necessary to tell others how to act.

Being a Christian isn’t telling other people’s kids how to act. If you don’t get what I mean by this, let me explain it. When we tell non-believers that they should act a way that they never claimed to follow….you know…act like Christians (which is a terrible term because Christians don’t act very well)…you know…do what the bible says it is the same (at least emotionally) as a stranger at Walmart telling a parent how they should discipline their children, what they should feed their children, what they should buy for their children, what to make their children say, what school they should go to, etc. I think we all (especially those with children) can agree it makes a parent angry.

A few more examples for those without children. Someone comes up to you and tells you that your clothes make you look slutty or it makes you look fat. A stranger comes up and tells you that your hairstyle is completely atrocious and you should get a hair cut like they have. Someone telling you that you need to go get a tan. Maybe your dating and holding hands and someone comes up to you and tells you that you shouldn’t hold hands in public. I’m willing to bet in any of those scenarios that you would get angry.

I have to say that this one post that I mentioned before is not the only post. I remember when the passion of the Christ came out, churches posted how terrible it was to have a human play Christ because “no human was worthy to play Christ” and that they were boycotting the movie. My first thought was “well…. who do you get to play Christ in your Christmas plays?”

And…. must I say…. those LGTBQ marches and abortion clinics. How many times have we seen Christians going to these places and speaking hate! Speaking hurtful things. How many times have we seen Christians as the true villains? I grew up in church, and I have seen it many, many times.

In defense of Christianity, however, I will say that I have also seen the opposite, especially in these last few years. I had scrolled through Facebook and have seen a post (I did not read it, but the title was great) that said a group of Christians prayed and ministered to the LGTBQ community during one of their pride marches. It had a pic with a sign saying that they were sorry that “we have treated you so bad” or something like that.

Some might say that those Christians are just condoning sin, but I vehemently disagree. I argue that they are being Christ to them. Those who talked with this group I am sure went away with the knowledge that that particular group did not hate them, but of course…. they also knew that they did disagree with their lifestyle.

The last example is a personal example of a Facebook post someone posted a few years ago. There is a prison right outside of my home town, and one of the prison transports flipped, killing several guards and inmates. I remember reading a post from a believer who said something like that he was glad they were dead, and they deserved it. Now he was speaking about the inmates, not the guards. This really got to me, and I started a whole argument with him on that post thread about how we need to love people and not hate people. Long story short, he eventually told me I was going to hell because I was supporting sin. So..yeah. I hate Christians in the fact that we so often think we are better, holier and more deserving of forgiveness than everyone else.

Sometimes I think that if I were not a Christian I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be one because we are such terrible people.

Again, I am generalizing in the extreme the attitude I claim Christians to have and to be honest, I chose to hang out with those believers who speak love not hate, so I know this does not apply to many believers today…. but it applies to enough.

Well…. honestly, I thought my post would seem a lot more hateful to the Christian faith, but I don’t think it was as bad as I thought it would be. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though on how often I think that we Christians are such terrible people. We too often spew hate rather than love.

Until next time…. I’m sure I’ll have a more positive post.

C. J.

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