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  • C. J. Korryn

I'm Sorry, But I Promise You're A Transphobic, Racist.

Doesn't the title explain it all!?

So. It looks like this post will be more of a short rant than anything else, but it is something I have been thinking about as of late.

Before we get into it, though, I wanted to add that I think the next few posts coming up over the next few months might be a little controversial, that is if I don't change what I plan to write about…which I do on occasion, I mean, I have a full month between posts to change my mind, so it happens. Lol.

Anywhoo, stay tuned for those, and now…about being racists and the such.

This post is pretty much about the meaningless words today that once had a powerful impact but have been so overused and misused that they simply mean nothing.

I have noticed that whenever someone disagrees with another person….dare I get political….dare I say….on the left… let's say far left because I am sure that not all left-leaning men and women do this….but those on social media sure do….that he or she who disagrees with the person is instantly labeled one of the above words in the picture/title.

This has happened to me. I made a poor judgment call about confronting someone (who happened to be a black man) about his racial slurs toward another on Facebook. Before you knew it, he was calling me racist.

Towards the end of the conversation, he gave me a list of mistakes I made by calling him out, but I disagree with this individual. The only mistake I made was twofold. First, I confronted someone using derogatory terms toward another, thinking that he might be a "good enough" person to see the error of his ways. I should have known that someone who openly uses racist terms wouldn't suddenly open their eyes because they were confronted about it. My second mistake was confronting this individual in a hostile way. I should have confronted him as I would have any of my good friends, with grace…alas…. I did not.

Anywhoo, when I was called a racist in this Facebook thread, I just laughed at the irony. You see, I viewed this person and his counterparts as the racists, and I thought…. the racists were calling someone a racist; how ironic.

That started me thinking about a lot of terms so flippantly tossed about in our culture today. Candace Owens (a black woman) labeled a racist towards black people because she is conservative and speaks out about it. Ben Shapiro (a Jewish man active in his faith) labeled a Nazi because he is openly conservative and speaks out about it. Blair White (a transwoman) labeled a transphobic because she doesn't hold the same values as the far left trans community.

All these scenarios got me thinking that these terms "you're a racist” "you’re a transphobic” “you’re homophobic” “you’re sexist” mean absolutely nothing in today’s society! It used to be an insult. Now it is just laughable propaganda that the ignorant groups say to attack your character, rather than have an intelligent conversation on why you disagree with them.

Next time someone calls me one of these things, I will play the Mexican card (I am half Mexican) and call them out as racists against Mexicans because they are accusing me.

These words are said so often to so many people who everybody knows are not whatever they are accused of being that all of these words have the same weight in our country now as “I promise.”

We all know that when someone says “I promise” it means absolutely nothing. It holds no value. In fact, with the words “I promise” what usually ends up happening is that when the individual breaks this “promise,” it devalues the individual’s words even more.

When someone promises something, then doesn’t follow through, each time we tend to believe them less and less that they will actually follow through with their promises every single time they don’t follow through. Eventually, “I promise” gets ignored, and these individuals are never expected to keep these promises.

The same with all of the “You’re a..” words. They have been used so much and so misused that nobody ever really believes that the accused are such, even when these individuals might actually be so. The SJWs that tout these phrases about are simply the boy who cried wolf. Nobody really believes them anymore, so when there actually is one, nobody seems to care.

So, these are my thoughts on all of these hateful words. I guess this post was more of a rant but tell me….am I wrong? Do these words even mean anything these days?



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