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Chris (C. J. Korryn)  grew up a military brat, but when his dad retired he stayed in Abilene Texas until he graduated.  He attended Bible college in Springfield Missouri, and after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in missions he joined the Air Force in Security Forces.  After an enlistment in the Air Force he returned to Abilene to get a teaching degree. He  then moved to the Dallas Metroplex to teach English and now lives in Boerne.

Chris loves to write, even writing research papers.  He writes in his spare time when he is not hanging out with friends or volunteering at church.  

Chris hopes to one day make enough money on his writing hobby to teach part-time and write full-time.  Writing has been a passion of Chris’s since he was a freshman in high school when he started writing his dreams into short fiction stories.  Two things he enjoys more than anything are teaching (whether it be English, the Bible, or dance lessons) and writing.




One thing that Chris has realized is that God seems to use music and sermons a lot to inspire his writing.  God keeps giving Chris more, and more fiction to write.  Chris wrote this, during a sermon in which God gave him yet another short story. 



The coolest thing about God for me is also one of the most frustrating things, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I once asked Him to stop, but then wise counsel suggested I not ask Him that.  It is true that it frustrates me, but it is also one of my favorite things about my heavenly father, and I never want Him to stop, now that I think about it.  He constantly gives me new stories to write, yet I never seem to have the time, or at least take the time to write them-work, church, fellowship, etc.  I have about ten or so inspired stories from God (not counting my series books) yet I only get one or two finished a year, if that, so at this rate he gives me five stories for every story I finish, and I will never be able to finish them…but…it is my favorite thing about God.  It is how we fellowship the most, He and I.

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