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As the title implies, this book series is a collection of short stories consisting of dramatizations inspired by bible stories and short stories based on biblical themes.    


The Adulteress:  The account of the woman caught in adultery through the perspective of the woman herself.


The Sister of Lazarus:  An account of the resurrection of Lazarus From Mary’s view.


2019 CLA nominee

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Renegade Christian:  This particular story is more of a parable relating to the Christian life and spiritual warfare.


Naaman:  An Old Testament account of the healing of the leper Naaman as he faces the possibility that even the God of Israel might not heal him.


The Valley of Dry Bones:  An Old Testament account of the prophet Ezekiel’s experience resurrecting the army of dry bones.

                    Legion:  An account of the restoration of the man possessed with a legion of demons as seen through the eyes of the tormented man.




Dothan: A fictional account of 2 Kings chapter 6 in which God opens the eyes of Elisha’s servant so he can see an angelic army defending them.


The Touch:  A man demonstrates his supernatural powers to his friend, but when he turns his ability to his friend, his friend suddenly fears him.


Burdens:  A man travels the desert on a journey carrying burdens that he has no idea why he must carry them, only that he MUST carry them.  Off in the distance, another lone man stands on a balance fighting for his life with a noose around his neck.

Beautiful Gate:  A fictional account of Peter and John healing the lame beggar in Acts 3.


The Light:  A sci-fi short story in which a lone hooded figure races through the undercity, fleeing the “peacekeepers” from above in an effort to accomplish his holy mission.


Wicked Ruler:  Based on Jesus’ parable about talents given to three servants, this story follows the journey of “the wicked servant” who chooses to bury his coins rather than invest them which sends him into a downward spiral of distrust and paranoia.

A Prodigal’s Journey:  A fictional account of the long, perilous journey that the prodigal son endured in order to return home after coming to his senses. 

The Widow’s Offering: A short fictional account of the widow Jesus points out to His disciples as He watched her giving all she had to the temple offering.


Trial by Fire:  A fictional account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they face the wrath of King Nebuchadnezzar when they refuse to bow to his golden image.

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