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     My real name is Chris Jackson, though I write under the name C. J. Korryn.  I write fiction and Christian fiction, along with short stories, serial novels, Biblically-based allegories, and Bible stories in a more character-based lens. 


 I currently have a collection of three short stories published in one book,  “The Saint with Trin, and Omega Station."  I have a stand-alone novel, "Noah's Ark" and  two book series called "Insurrection." and "The Valley of Yeshen." And, of course, I am working on a  book series of short story collections, "Bible Dramatizations."      



I decided to publish under C.J. Korryn mainly because I wanted something that would stick out,  something to catch the eye, and something to make it easier to find and follow me on social media platforms.  There is a sea of “Chris Jackson” from famous authors to sports players to musicians and painters, so I decided to find a pen name that few people had. 

I grew up a military brat but stayed in Abilene, Texas when my dad retired until I  graduated high school.  I then moved to Springfield, Missouri, to go to Bible college.  After graduating, I soon joined the Air Force in Security Forces. After one enlistment, I returned to Abilene to get a teaching degree, and now I live in Boerne, Tx.


Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a freshman in high school when I had a vocabulary assignment in which I had to write a fiction story using the vocabulary words.  I have never stopped writing since first writing my dreams into short stories.

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